Fund Manager Meetings

Below are notes from meetings with fund managers:

DateFund Manager / Fund Specialist
February 2017Richard Batty, David Jubb and David MillarIP Global Targeted Returns Fund
February 2017Oliver KeltonOdey European Focus Fund
February 2017VariousLiontrust Annual Investment Conference
February 2017Multi Asset TeamStandard Life Global Absolute Return Strategies Fund
February 2017Mike SellAlquity Asia Fund
February 2017Nigel Rudge & Nicholas OsborneBlackRock UK Absolute Alpha Fund
February 2017Ruth Nash and Scott McGlashanJOHCM Japan Dividend Growth Fund
February 2017Multi Asset TeamSLI Global Focused Strategies Fund
March 2017Chris TaylorNeptune Japan Opportunities Fund
March 2017Wee-Li Hee, Scott McNab, Martin Lau & Vinay AgarwalScottish Oriental
March 2017Stuart RhodesM&G Global Dividend Fund
March 2017Nick Kirrage, Kevin Murphy, Andrew LyddonSchroder Global Recovery Fund
March 2017Will Ballard, Bryony DeucharsAI Emerging Markets Equity Small Cap Fund
March 2017Sam Vecht, Vincent DevlinBlackRock Greater Europe IT
March 2017Sam Vecht, Christopher ColungaBlackRock Emerging Europe IT
March 2017Sam Vecht, Emily FletcherBlackRock Emerging Frontier IT
March 2017Richard Batty, David Jubb, David MillarIP Global Targeted Returns Funds
April 2017Rob BurnettNeptune European Opportunities Fund
April 2017Mark MartinNeptune UK Mid Cap Fund
May 2017Nigel ThomasAXA Framlington UK Select Opportunities Fund
May 2017Dan HarlowAXA Framlington UK Smaller Companies Fund
June 2017Thomas MooreSLI UK Equity Income Unconstrained Fund
June 2017Credit TeamSLI Global Total Return Credit Fund
June 2017VariousSchroder Investment Conference
June 2017VariousBlackRock Investment Conference
June 2017Talib Sheikh & Shrenick ShahJPM Global Macro Opportunities Fund
June 2017Mike SellAlquity Indian Subcontinent Fund
June 2017Stephanie ButcherIP European Equity Income Fund
June 2017VariousInvesco Investment Conference
June 2017Nick Clay & Ian ClarkNewton Global Income Fund
June 2017James Smith & Claire LongPremier Global Infrastructure Fund
October 2017James LynchDowning Monthly Income Fund
October 2017Toby NangleThreadneedle Dynamic Real Return Fund
October 2017Nick PriceFidelity Emerging Market Equities Fund
October 2017John Baker, Jon Ingram and Blake CrawfordJPM Europe Dynamic ex UK Fund
October 2017Adam Avigdori and David GoldmanBlackRock UK Income Fund
October 2017Robin GeffenNeptune Income Fund
October 2017George Boyd-BowmanNeptune US Income Fund
October 2017Mark Page & Laurent MilletArtemis European Opportunities Fund
November 2017Ian Jensen-Humphreys7IM Real Return Fund
November 2017Linden Thomson & Dani SaurymperAXA Framlington BioTech Fund
November 2017VariousGAM Star Global Rates Strategy, GAM Core Macro Strategy & GAM Systematic Alernative Risk Premia Strategy
November 2017Mark WilliamsLiontrust Asia Income Fund
November 2017Asia TeamScottish Oriental
November 2017Rory StokesHenderson European Smaller Companies Fund
November 2017Paul BrainNewton Global Dynamic Fund
November 2017Alex RalphArtemis High Income Fund
November 2017Hideo ShiozumiLegg Mason IF Japan Equity Fund
November 2017Cormac WeldonArtemis US Smaller Companies Fund
November 2017James ClunieJupiter Absolute Return Fund
November 2017Multi Asset TeamStandard Life Global Absolute Return Strategies Fund
November 2017Keith Ashworth-LordCastlefield CFP SDL UK Buffettology Fund

*Meeting with representative of fund management house, and not the fund manager

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