About LWM

“I am not bound to succeed, but I am bound to live by the light that I have”
Abraham Lincoln

The company

LWM was set up to be a company based on Values. Adding Value is how we judge ourselves. We aim to:

  • Share knowledge; good knowledge is the pathway to understanding
  • Be thoughtful and challenging of set ideas and practices
  • Be supportive and empowering of our employees
  • Help those less fortunate than ourselves via the LWM Charitable Trust (since establishing the business we have donated over £100,000 to charities / organisations in the UK and overseas)

We believe that to provide the best advice, at the fairest cost, financial planners should control the whole process. This means not only do we offer financial planning, but we manage the investments.

In managing the investments, we conduct over 100 meetings a year, and construct our own investment portfolios which include funds as well as investment trusts.

We believe that active managers can deliver outperformance, however where we see that a fund that tracks the index is better than we will use this. Claiming cheaper management charges are better for the client is not always the best outcome. We are mindful of investment management charges, but we will not be driven by them when making investment decisions. We are happy to share on our website our portfolios and many of our fund management research notes.

Additionally, we share our thoughts via regular blogs, and quarterly market updates.

We use our own proprietary tools for financial planning which include our own risk assessment tool, and calculators. In terms of investments we have our own research system. These tools have been built up over several years.

This is all included within the fees we charge.

We currently manage £122 million in assets, of which £77 million is held across the portfolios.

Our service agreement sets out what we do and how we do it (our service); the likely cost, how this is paid for and the terms under which we provide our services.