Service Proposition

“Well done is better than well said”
– Benjamin Franklin

LWM was set up to be a company based on shared Values, for clients adding Value is how we judge ourselves and how we ask our clients to judge us. Our proposition ensures that we are there for our clients throughout their life journey – whether this is building and growing assets, or using these assets to provide an income in retirement.

We are fully fee based, in the majority of cases these fees are paid out of the assets we manage.

Our Services

We offer a full financial planning service (both pre-and post-retirement); this includes both initial and ongoing advice. The initial advice identifies what clients are looking to achieve, and the ongoing advice (service) ensures that we review client needs on a regular basis.

Our services include:

Initial advice

With initial advice, we:

  1. Firstly, look to understand the clients financial position, and then
  2. Look to understand what they are looking to achieve (goals) over the short, medium and long term

This is normally carried out in an initial meeting.

Following the meeting, we will assess client needs and consider objectives (goals) alongside their attitude to risk and any other restrictions they have placed on what they are willing to consider.

We then put together a recommendation for achieving the proposed goals and the implementation of that plan. We then carry out a follow up meeting to go through the recommendations.

We’ll only start work once we have agreed our services and charges with the client.

On-going service

The on-going service is part of the package we offer (i.e. both the initial and ongoing service come together).

We do this to ensure we review needs on a regular basis, and can develop a long-term relationship to help achieve the goals. The on-going service is split as follows: