Valuing Advice

“Price is what you pay. Value is what you get.”
– Warren Buffett

How do you put a value on advice?

DIY propositions, and journalists, put the value on reducing costs and the ability to outperform an advised proposition. This is an incredibly strong argument.

Consider going direct and buying a basket of investments, the cost could be 1.35% p.a. it could be less. If we take our proposition the cost of an ISA could be 1.69% p.a. (0.37% for the solution provider, 0.57% to the fund manager and 0.75% for advice). On this basis the DIY argument on cost is correct.

Looking at the second argument, a quick look at our site will show that we place an emphasis on delivery of goals through the investment of money and our aim to add value by outperforming the benchmark. We will allow you to judge the success of this.

However, the performance is only part of the package (albeit an important part); there are other parts of the package which are just as important. This is often missed and where as a package value is added.

Our website outlines our service proposition but below are some aspects of the proposition which we believe the average DIY investor will not do, and this is crucial to investing and consideration of cost:

A rational head

Having a plan

Understanding the risks

The markets are volatile


In conclusion, you can go direct, and you can save money money via this route and potentially you could outperform our portfolios but our fee goes a step further and the true value of our proposition is the peace of mind that we aim to deliver. It is about working together to deliver on your needs and goals.

We feel that a fee of up to 1% p.a. isn’t expensive when actually what you get could be worth a considerable amount more than what you pay.