Listening to interviews with sportspeople can often be an agony of the banal.

They are variously gutted, amazed, over the moon, sick as a parrot and generally can’t believe it (good or bad).

However one oft-cited cliché both true and important is that the only important match is the next one.

For investment this is crucial, whatever has happened has gone. The drivers of yesterday’s gains will not be those that create tomorrow’s, it is an ever changing landscape which has to be constantly evaluated anew with fresh eyes.

The Badger has spent his summer (fearlessly going where no Badger has gone before) researching the areas of innovation that will be changing the world.

1. Biotechnology
2. Nano technology
3. Computing
4. Sequencing of the Genome
5. Robotics
6. Artificial intelligence

The speed with which technologies are evolving is staggering, inspiring and a little bit terrifying.

Scientists will soon be able to create in everyday life as reality the recent imaginings of their fiction writing cousins.

The world is going to change more in the next 30 – 50 years than in all its previous history combined.

This is the future it sounds grandiose and a little bombastic but it is in truth the reality of what’s to come.

To understand the changes and to position investments correctly will be to make significant profits.

I will be writing about the new science and technology over coming blogs to give a general flavour of what is being developed and how the future may look because of it.

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