As those of you masochists who read the Badgers Blog regularly will know, the last few months have consisted mainly of weekly updates on the European debt furore.

Markets were hyper from August to December, the year-end however appears to have allowed greater perspective and consequently markets are more sanguine in January 2012 with stocks rising, particularly the battered financials.

Whilst the Euro issue was great blog fodder with its almost daily twists and turns, one suspects that we are now in a much more gradual and graduated phase with actions being more measured and the results being incremental (so not so full on but better for the nerves).

This however creates a problem, what to write about?

Perhaps one of the most interesting aspects of the economic hurricane post 2008 has been the reappraisal of previously held beliefs and the acceptance of the fragility and myopically self-serving nature of many.

The blog (assuming no other news of note to comment on) will focus on these over the coming weeks.

I am undernoting some of the topics for future discussion and dissection, please feel free to suggest better alternatives.

1)      The key is consumption

2)      The balance sheet

3)      We see what we want to see

4)      Nature v’s economic engineering

5)      The security of society

6)      We all want to be happy

7)      How we try to achieve personal happiness

8)      The selfish gene

9)      Contra intuitive answers

10)   It’s not supposed to be easy

Please loyal blog readers, contain your excitement, the best bit is usually the exquisite agony of anticipation!

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