“I’d like to add my thanks to Alistair’s for the generous support you are offering to The Park and Youth Moves and for your obvious interest in our work.”

– Manager, The Park

“will be fantastic to have the backing and support of your organisation and I hope we can develop a link with the type of work that you want to support.

– Manager, Youth Moves

The Park is a community centre located in Knowle West providing a range of activities such as educational learning, sport, leisure and employment opportunities. Although located in Knowle West these opportunities are also available to the wider Bristol Community.

The Park has two main themes:

  • Education
  • Facilities for the community

The LWM Charitable Trust supported both the Park and Youth Moves which is one of the tenants within the complex. We helped financially but also employees of LWM sat on the board of the Park and Youth Moves to provide help and advice.
In particular the Park focuses on helping young people who may have left school with little or no qualifications but show the potential to learn and improve themselves. Additionally these individuals may have come from a deprived background where there is little or no support at home or within the extended family.

The programme looks to provide training and qualifications in sectors like construction. Individuals will be mentored and receive financial incentives to complete an academic qualification or apprenticeship which will eventually lead to a qualification and work.

Keeping in touch

W: http://www.theparkknowle.org.uk/

F: https://www.facebook.com/theparkcentreknowle

T: https://twitter.com/theparkknowle