After our epic trek last year on Kilimanjaro I caught the bug for challenges which allowed me to raise funds for my chosen charity, Motivation.

Motivation’s work in the UK and abroad is wonderful to see as it inspires so many people to do their best despite adversity and be the best that they can be – which in turn allows them to help others too. Motivation also provided sports wheelchairs for the Papua New Guinea, Zimbabwe, Iraqi and Haitian Paralympics teams at the London 2012 games.

We have recently agreed to fund a vehicle for a group based in Cape Town which helps to reach out to people living in the townships that have been affected by disability, either through accident or injury. The members of the group (who have disabilities themselves) become mentors to individuals who would otherwise be disassociated or disconnected from society or even their families, who simply struggle enough as it is to live their lives and do not have the resources to look after someone with a disability.

The vehicle will allow the group to travel around in their work, which involves visiting people in their homes, or transporting them to the Frail Care Centre for outpatient treatment and generally provide a lifeline of contact so that they do not feel alone.

100km bike ride

This was my challenge in June – around London, at night! It was a fascinating way to see the capital, and even introduced me to some of the lesser seen parts. The ride itself took about 7 hours and as it wasn’t a particularly warm evening so I didn’t stop for long each time, but chocolate covered flapjacks and a well-earned cup of tea at Alexandra Palace kept me going! This is a picture of me crossing Tower Bridge around 2am after my first stop. I set off at 11.35pm from Crystal Palace.

Nightrider 2013
I was delighted to be able to complete this challenge in aid of Motivation and I raised £350 (with your help!) in addition to the £650 for the Kilimanjaro trek. Being able to provide them with additional funding has been a real honour and I hope to be able to complete another challenge for them soon.

Any suggestions would be considered!