Fund Manager Meetings

Below are notes from meetings with fund managers:

DateFund Manager / Fund Specialist
October 2018Mark Hargreaves and Amanda O'TooleAXA Framlington Global Thematics Fund
October 2018Nick Kirrage and Simon AdlerSchroder Global Equity Income Fund
October 2018Mark BarnettInvesco Income Fund
October 2018Mark RogersMontanaro Better World Fund
October 2018Neil Shillito and Alyx WoodMI Downing Diversified Global Managers Fund
October 2018Blake HutchinsInvestec UK Equity Income Fund
October 2018Simon BrazierInvestec UK Alpha Fund
October 2018Vincent VinatierAXA Framlington Financial Fund
October 2018Hideo ShiozumiLegg Mason Japan Equity Fund
October 2018James ClunieJupiter Absolute Return Fund
September 2018Thomas SmithNeptune India Fund
September 2018Chris TaylorNeptune Japan Fund
September 2018David HornerChelverton UK Dividend Trust
September 2018Craig YeamanRoyal London UK Opportunities Fund
September 2018Dan CarterJupiter Japan Income Fund
September 2018Shrenick Shah and James ElliotJPM Global Macro Opportunities Fund
September 2018Peter Meany and Andrew GreenupFirst State Global Listed Infrastructure Fund
September 2018Nigel ThomasAXA Framlington UK Select Opportunities Fund
September 2018Andrew HuntSLI UK Equity Recovery Fund
September 2018Divya Mathur, Kim Catechis and Alastair ReynoldsLegg Mason IF Martin Currie Emerging Markets Fund
September 2018Andrew Lister and Bernard MoodyAberdeen Emerging Markets Investment Trust
July 2018Daniel Tubbs and Charles WalshMirabaud Global Emerging Markets Fund
July 2018Daniel MorenoMirabaud Global Emerging Market Bond Fund
July 2018Tom May and Dr Russ BubleyAtlantic House Defined Returns Fund
July 2018Richard HodgesNomura Global Dynamic Bond Fund
July 2018Multi Asset TeamSLI Global Absolute Return Strategies Fund
June 2018VariousBlackRock Investment Conference
May 2018Mike PrentisBlackRock Smaller Companies Investment Trust
May 2018Andrew Swan & Emily DongBlackRock Asian Growth Leaders Fund
May 2018Samir MehtaJOHCM Asia Ex-Japan Fund
May 2018Alex SavvidesJOHCM UK Dynamic Fund
May 2018Stephen Harker, Neil Edwards & Jeffrey AthertonMan GLG Japan CoreAlpha Fund
May 2018Raheel Altaf & Peter SaackeArtemis Global Emerging Markets Fund
May 2018Shrenick Shah & James ElliotJPM Global Macro Opportunities Fund
May 2018Andrew HarmanFirst State Diversified Growth Fund
May 2018David Gait and Sashi ReddyStewart Investors Asia Pacific Leaders Fund
May 2018Nick Hayes and Nicolas TrindaleAXA WF Global Strategic Bonds Fund
May 2018Charles MontanaroMontanaro UK Income Fund
May 2018Shahzada SaeedL&G Dynamic Bond Fund
May 2018Edward Lam and Edward RobertsonMI Somerset Emerging Markets Dividend Growth Fund
May 2018Sebastian Mackay, Richard Batty and Gwilym SatchellInvesco Hlobal Targeted Income Fund
April 2018Sam Vecht & Christopher ColungaBlackRock Emerging Europe Investment Trust
April 2018Sam Vecht & Stefan GriesBlackRock Greater Europe Investment Trust
April 2018Ainslie McLennan and Marcus Langlands-PearseJanus Henderson UK Property PAIF Fund
April 2018Gary GreenbergHermes Global Emerging Markets Fund
April 2018Indriatti van Hien and Neil HermonJanus Henderson UK Alpha Fund
March 2018Index Strategy TeamFirst Trust US Large Cap Core AlphaDex UCITS ETF
March 2018Jonathan PinesHermes Asia Ex Japan Fund
March 2018William ArgentVT Gravis Clean Energy Fund
March 2018Specialist Equities TeamBNY Mellon Absolute Return Equity Fund
March 2018Johanna Kyrklund and Alastair BakerSchroder Multi Asset Total Return Fund
March 2018Multi Asset TeamInsight Global Absolute Return Fund
March 2018Sam Vecht and Emily FletcherBlackRock Frontier Investment Trust
Feb 2018Jeremy PodgerFidelity Global Special Situations Fund
Feb 2018Daniel RobertsFidelity Global Dividend Fund
Feb 2018Richard Batty, David Jubb and David MillarInvesco Perpetual Global Targeted Returns Fund
Feb 2018Sashi ReddyStewart Investors Indian Subcontinent Fund
Feb 2018Vinay Agarwal and Scott McNabScottish Oriental Trust
Feb 2018Multi Asset TeamSLI Global Absolute Return Strategies Fund
Feb 2018Mike SellAlquity Asia Fund

Meetings with representative of fund management house, and / or fund manager

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