Sensible investors build portfolios starting with an asset allocation that rests on the bedrock of diversification, equity orientation, and tax sensitivity

– David Swenson

Paul set up the portfolios in 2009, with George joining the team in 2011. We now manage just over £110 million including bespoke investments.

Cautious Portfolio£7,073,610
Balanced Portfolio£34,237,998
Moderately Adventurous Portfolio£31,000,365
Adeventurous Portfolio£13,635,454
Positive Impact Portfolios£4,516,778
Bespoke Investments£23,304,713

The fund objectives are detailed below:

Growth Portfolios

 AimBenchmarkTime frameRisk / volatilityExclusions
Mainstream PortfoliosTo deliver a return of between 6% and 8% gross over the long-term. This should, in a normalised environment, be above the higher rate of cash or inflation.  Basket of strategies that track an index (for example, the FTSE 100)10-years plusDependent on risk profile of the portfolio.No specific exclusions.
Positive Impact PortfoliosTo deliver a return of between 6% and 8% gross over the long-term. This should, in a normalised environment, be above the higher rate of cash or inflation.  Royal London UK FTSE4 Good Index Fund10-years plus Dependent on risk profile of the portfolio.Specific exclusions.

Income Portfolios

 AimBenchmarkTime frameRisk / volatilityExclusions
Mainstream Income PortfolioTo deliver a yield of 3%+ p.a., with growth being secondary.  AFI Balance Index10-years plusBalanced approach.No specific exclusions.
Positive Impact Income PortfolioTo deliver a yield of 2.5%+ p.a., with an element of growth. It can hold up to 20% in non-yielding strategies.AFI Balance Index10-years plus Balanced approach.Specific exclusions.

We invest most of our own money in the portfolios for two reasons, firstly we believe this aligns us with our clients, and secondly, we select investments that we would like to own.

The portfolios are a basket of investments (funds, investment trusts and sometimes ETFs), and are a blend of the very best in each sector / region.

To view the latest performance, holdings, and factsheets (of the underlying funds) for each portfolio click on the links below:

A summary of the performance up to 30 September 2023 is shown below:

 12 Months2 Years3 Years4 years5 YearsSince Launch
Cautious Portfolio1.36%-9.99%4.32%6.83%12.12%188.01%
Balanced Portfolio2.10%-15.87%-0.44%5.69%6.96%219.34%
Moderately Adventurous Portfolio0.29%-18.93%-2.83%6.68%6.55%234.33%
Adventurous Portfolio-0.25%-20.61%-5.86%5.85%4.80%242.71%
Cautious Positive Impact Portfolio-4.22%-16.98%-7.49%N/AN/A-2.02%
Balanced Positive Impact Portfolio-3.03%-17.51%-5.52%4.42%10.08%72.85%
Adventurous Positive Impact Portfolio-2.44%-16.39%-2.20%N/AN/A4.91%
LWM Income Portfolio2.75%N/AN/AN/AN/A0.79%
LWM Income Positive Impact Portfolio -1.79%N/AN/AN/AN/A-5.00%

The launch date of the portfolios is the 1 January 2009 with the exception of the Balanced Positive Impact Portfolio which was launced on 31 July 2014, and the Cautious and Adventurous Positive Impact Portfolios which were launched on 1 July 2020. The Income Portfolios were launched on 1 July 2022.

You should note that past performance is not a reliable indicator of future returns and the value of your investments can fall as well as rise. The total return reflects performance without sales charges or the effects of taxation, but is adjusted to reflect all on-going fund expenses and assumes reinvestment of dividends and capital gains. If adjusted for sales charges and the effects of taxation, the performance quoted would be reduced.