Aim of Portfolio:

The portfolio looks to deliver a return of between 6% and 8% gross over the long term. This should, in a normalised environment, be above the higher rate of cash or inflation.

Portfolio Review:

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Risk and benchmark performance of Portfolio:

Key points

  • The portfolio holds a higher content of equities compared to the Cautious and Balanced Portfolios.  
  • Currently the portfolio holds approximately 24% in diversifying assets such as fixed interest, property, infrastructure and multi asset strategies, with the balance in equity funds. We believe this is the best way to provide potential upside growth as well as providing equal weight between risk and reward.
  • The benchmark is based on a basket of index strategies.
  • We consider the long term as 10 years plus.
  • This is a Bespoke Portfolio and although some of the holdings are similar to the Moderately Adventurous Portfolio the key difference is that this Portfolio doesn’t hold any Investment Trusts.

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The Portfolio was launched on 1 January 2018. The chart shows the total return up to 31 March 2023.

 Total Return Since LaunchAnnualised Return Since Launch
Bespoke Moderately Adventurous Portfolio14.02%2.53% p.a.
LWM Benchmark22.90%4.01% p.a.
 20192020202120222023Since Launch
Bespoke Moderately Adventurous Portfolio19.63%14.81%8.67%-18.41%1.02%2.53% p.a.
LWM Benchmark16.95%8.43%11.96%-12.02%4.70%4.01% p.a.
 1 Year to 31/03/191 Year to 31/03/201 Year to 31/03/211 Year to 31/03/221 Year to 31/03/23
Bespoke Moderately Adventurous Portfolio4.54%-12.35%45.00%-2.35%-9.74%
LWM Benchmark4.63%-7.02%30.62%4.04%-3.94%


You should note that past performance is not a reliable indicator of future returns and the value of your investments can fall as well as rise. The total return reflects performance without sales charges or the effects of taxation, but is adjusted to reflect all on-going fund expenses and assumes reinvestment of dividends and capital gains. If adjusted for sales charges and the effects of taxation, the performance quoted would be reduced.

Split by funds within the Portfolio (as at 1 July 2023):

Fund NamePercentage Holding
PIMCO GIS Income Fund4.00%KIID
Nomura Funds Global Dynamic Bond Fund4.00%KIID
Henderson Horizon Pan European Property Equities Fund4.00%KIID
FP Foresight Global Real Infrastructure Fund4.00%KIID
AHFM Defined Returns Fund4.00%KIID
Henderson Diversified Alternatives Fund4.00%KIID
Equity Exposure76.00%
Amati UK Listed Smaller Companies Fund4.50%KIID
Slater Growth Fund4.50%KIID
Artemis US Smaller Companies Fund6.50%KIID
L&G US Index Fund6.50%KIID
Matthews China Smaller Companies Fund5.00%KIID
GS Japan Equity Partners Fund3.00%KIID
Heriot Global Smaller Companies Fund6.00%KIID
Heriot Global Fund6.00%KIID
Fundsmith Equity Fund6.00%KIID
Ninety One Global Enviroment Fund6.00%KIID
Janus Henderson European Smaller Companies Fund4.00%KIID
Premier Miton European Opportunities Fund4.00%KIID
MS INVF Asia Opportunity Fund3.50%KIID
Matthews Asia ex Japan Total Return Fund3.50%KIID
Emerging Markets
Redwheel Next Generation Emerging Markets Fund3.50%KIID
FP Carmignac Emerging Markets Fund3.50%KIID

Split by funds within the Portfolio (as at 1 July 2022):

Fund NamePercentage Holding
Diversifying Assets21.00%
Nomura Global Dynamic Bond Fund4.20%
Schroder Global Cities Real Estate Fund4.20%KIID
Janus Henderson Horizon Pan European Property Equities Fund4.20%KIID
FP Foresight Global Real Infrastructure Fund4.20%KIID
AHFM Defined Returns Fund Fund4.20%KIID
Equity Exposure79.00%
TB Amati UK Smaller Companies Fund4.00%KIID
AXA Framlington UK Smaller Companies Fund4.00%KIID
Premier UK Growth Fund2.00%KIID
Janus Henderson European Smaller Companies Fund4.00%KIID
LF Miton European Opportunities Fund4.00%KIID
AXA Framlington American Growth Fund3.00%KIID
Artemis US Smaller Companies Fund5.00%KIID
L&G US Index Fund5.00%KIID
Baillie Gifford Global Discovery Fund5.00%KIID
Standard Life Global Smaller Companies Fund5.00%KIID
Morgan Stanley Global Brands Fund4.00%KIID
Baillie Gifford Health Innovation Fund4.00%KIID
Montanaro Better World Fund4.00%KIID
Ninety One Global Environment Fund3.00%KIID
Morgan Stanley Asia Opportunity Fund4.00%KIID
Matthews Asia Funds – Asia Ex Japan Dividend Fund3.00%KIID
Baillie Gifford Emerging Markets Growth Fund3.00%KIID
FP Carmignac Emerging Markets Fund4.00%
ASI China A Share Equity Fund3.00%KIID
Matthews Asia Funds – China Small Companies Fund3.00%KIID
Legg Mason IF Japan Equity Fund3.00%KIID

Important notes


These factsheets are provided by third parties for information. LWM is not responsible for these factsheets, has not reviewed them, and accepts no liability in connection with your use of them or any of their content. These factsheets display the fund manager’s standard retail charges and please note that product charges and fees may replace the charges displayed.