Below are notes from meetings with fund managers, or representatives of fund management houses. We are happy to share our notes but these are not a recommendation. Advice should be sought before any investment is made into the fund, and any shares that have been mentioned in the notes. These are purely for information, and will form part of our overall investment process. We may invest in some of the funds we have listed below.

These are notes from meetings in 2020. To view meetings from 2012 – 2019 click here

DateFund Manager / Fund SpecialistFund
January 2020Mark Hammonds and Edmund HarrissGuinness Emerging Markets Equity Income Fund
January 2020Richard SaldanhaAviva Global Equity Income Fund
January 2020Giles ParkinsonAviva Global Equity Endurance Fund
January 2020Mikhail ZverevAviva Global Equity Unconstrained Fund
January 2020Mark WhiteheadSecurities Trust of Scotland plc
January 2020Henry LowsonRoyal London UK Mid Cap Growth Fund
February 2020Alexander Wright and Jonathan WintonFidelity Special Situations Fund
February 2020Daniel ChuLegg Mason IF RARE Global Infrastructure Income Fund
February 2020Hideo ShiozumiLegg Mason IF Japan Equity Fund
February 2020William ArgentVT Gravis Clean Energy Fund
February 2020 Benji Dawes and Jon HudsonPremier Ethical Fund
February 2020Jacob de Tusch-Lec, Sam Morley and James DavidsonArtemis Global Income Fund
February 2020Chantal Brennan and Jeremy HumphriesDavy Discovery Equity Fund
February 2020Deirdre Cooper and Graeme BakerInvestec Global Environment Fund
February 2020David CoombsRathbone Enhanced Growth Portfolio Fund
February 2020Harry NimmoStandard Life Smaller Companies Trust
February 2020Andrew Lister and Bernard MoodyAberdeen Emerging Markets Investment Trust
February 2020Steven Rocco, Robert Lee and Christopher GizzoLord Abbett Global High Yield Fund
February 2020Simon YoungAXA Framlington UK Equity Income Fund*
February 2020Dan HarlowAXA Framlington UK Smaller Companies Fund*
February 2020Alan RowsellASI Global Smaller Companies Fund*
March 2020Chetan Sehgal and Andrew NessTempleton Emerging Markets Investment Trust*
March 2020James Lowen and Clive BeaglesJOHCM UK Equity Income Fund*
March 2020Paul Causer and Paul ReadInvesco Monthly Income Plus Fund*
March 2020Mike SellAlquity Asia Fund*
March 2020Gary GreenbergHermes Global Emerging Markets Fund*
March 2020William Lock and Bruno PaulsonMorgan Stanley Global Brands Fund*
March 2020Alex SavvidesJOHCM UK Dynamic Fund*
March 2020Martin SkanbergSchroder European Alpha Income Fund*
March 2020Tom May AHFM Defined Returns Fund*
March 2020Jonathan PinesHermes Asia ex Japan Equity Fund*
March 2020Tiffany HsiaoMatthews China Small Companies Fund*
March 2020Richard HodgesNomura Global Dynamic Bond Fund*
March 2020Daniel ChuLegg Mason IF RARE Global Infrastructure Income Fund*
March 2020Krace Zhou and Kristian HeughMorgan Stanley Asia Opportunity Fund*
March 2020Bill HenchLegg Mason Royce US Small Cap Opportunity Fund*
March 2020Hugo Machin and Tom Walker Schroder Global Cities Real Estate Fund*
March 2020Edmund Harriss and Mark HammondGuinness Asian Equity Income Fund*
March 2020Matthew Page and Ian MortimerGuinness European Equity Income Fund*
March 2020Alastair MundyNinetyOne UK Special Situations Fund*
April 2020Hideo ShiozumiLegg Mason IF Japan Equity Fund*
April 2020Toby NangleThreadneedle Dynamic Real Return Fund*
April 2020Carlos Moreno and Thomas BrownLF Miton European Opportunities Fund*
April 2020Ben Ritchie, Angus Tester and Kurt CruickshankASI Europe ex UK Equity Fund*
April 2020Robin GeffenLiontrust Global Alpha Fund*
April 2020Alex SavvidesJOHCM UK Dynamic Fund*
April 2020Alban Lhonneur, George Gay, Jo Elliott and Marcus Phayre-MudgeTR Property Trust*
April 2020Nicholas Weindling and Shoichi MizusawaJPM Japan Fund*
April 2020Chris St JohnAXA Framlington UK Mid-Cap Fund*
April 2020Dan HarlowAXA Framlington UK Smaller Companies Fund*
April 2020Asia Pacific Equity TeamASI China Equity Fund*
April 2020Anthony SromFidelity Asia Pacific Opportunities Fund*
April 2020S Joyce Li, Yu Zhang, Sherwood Zhang and Robert HorrocksMatthews Asia ex Japan Dividend Fund*
April 2020Robert KaynorSchroder US Mid Cap Fund*
April 2020Mary McQuillen and Derek DeutschLegg Mason ClearBridge US Equity Sustainability Leaders Fund*
May 2020David MacNeil and David RidlandCastlebay UK Equity Fund*
May 2020Tom May and Dr Russ BubleyAHFM Defined Returns Fund*
May 2020Paul NivenF&C Investment Trust*
May 2020Index StrategyL&G Healthcare Breakthrough UCITS ETF*
May 2020Anthony SromFidelity Asia Pacific Opportunities Fund*
May 2020Anthony Cross and Julian E C FoshLiontrust Special Situations Fund*
May 2020Daniel Chu and Charles HamiehLegg Mason IF RARE Global Infrastructure Income Fund*
May 2020Mark WhiteheadSecurities Trust of Scotland plc*
May 2020Andrew HarmanFirst State Diversified Growth Fund*
June 2020Charles Montanaro and Mark RogersMontanaro Better World Fund*
June 2020Colin Morton, Ben Russon and Mark HallFranklin UK Equity Income Fund*
June 2020Will JamesASI Europe ex UK Income Equity Fund*
June 2020Ben Ritchie, Angus Tester and Kurt CruickshankASI Europe ex UK Equity Fund*
June 2020Craig Baker, Mark Davis and Stuart GrayAlliance Trust*
June 2020Joe Baurenfreund, Tom Treanor, Daniel Lee, Scott Beveridge, Darren Gillen, Wilfrid Craigie and Jason BellamyAVI Japan Opportunity Trust*
June 2020Flavia Cheong, Hugh Young, Yoojeong Oh and Christina WoonAberdeen Asia Income Fund Limited*
June 2020Stuart RhodesM&G Global Dividend Fund*
June 2020Mark AsquithMI Somerset Emerging Markets Discovery Fund*
June 2020Keith Ashworth-LordCastlefield CFP SDL UK Buffettology Fund*
June 2020James Anderson and Tom SlaterScottish Mortgage*
June 2020Mark Williams and Carolyn ChanLiontrust Asia Income Fund*
June 2020William Sutcliffe, Kirsty Gibson, Kate Fiox, Julia Angeles and Lee QianBaillie Gifford Positive Change Fund*
DateFund Manager /Fund SpecialistFund Name
June 2020Tom Slater, Gary Robinson, Helen Xiong, Kirsty GibsonBaillie Giffird American Fund*
June 2020William ArgentVT Gravis UK Infrastructure Income Fund*
June 2020Alan TuT Rowe Global Technology Equity Fund*
June 2020Anthony EatonVT Downing Global Investors Fund*
June 2020William Palmer, Isabelle Irish and Michael LevyBarings Global Emerging Markets Fund*
June 2020Not disclosedAshoka India Equity Investment Trust*

To view meetings from 2012 – 2019 click here

*These updates have been written at the time of the Coronavirus Pandemic, in 2020 which has impacted the global financial markets in a way that has never been seen before. Some of them were written at the very start, whereas others were written during the crisis so they will contain differing views as time progressed.