Below are notes from meetings with fund managers, or representatives of fund management houses. We are happy to share our notes but these are not a recommendation. Advice should be sought before any investment is made into the fund, and any shares that have been mentioned in the notes. These are purely for information, and will form part of our overall investment process. We may invest in some of the funds we have listed below.

These are notes from meetings in 2022. To view meetings from 2012 – 2021 click here

Responsible Investment Strategies

DateFund MangerFund NameIn LWM Portfolios
January 2022Francesco Conte, Yazann Romahi & Sara BellendaJPM Climate Change Solutions FundNo
January 2022Charles Montanaro & Mark RogersMontanaro Better World FundYes
January 2022Deidre Cooper & Graeme BakerNinety One Global Enviroment FundYes
January 2022Matthew Brown & Phil ShucksmithBNY Mellon Sustainable Real Return FundYes
January 2022Martyn Jones & Peter MichaelisLiontrust SF European Growth FundYes
January 2022Theimo LangPolar Capital Smart Energy FundNo
February 2022Bertrand Lecourt & Saurabh SharmaRegnan Sustainable Water and Waste FundNo
February 2022Jamie Jenkins & Nick HendersonBMO Responsible Global Equity FundNo
March 2022Matthew Brown & Phil ShucksmithBNY Mellon Sustainable Real Return FundYes
March 2022Neil BirrellPremier Miton Diversified Sustainable FundNo
March 2022Paul BrainBNY Mellon Sustainable Global Dynamic Bond FundNo
March 2022Xavier Hovasse & Haiyan Li-LabbeFP Carmignac Emerging Markets FundYes
March 2022William Sutcliffe, Kirsty Gibson, Kate Fox, Julia Angeles & Lee QianBaillie Gifford Positive Change FundYes
March 2022Rebecca Myatt & Peter MeanyFirst Sentier Responsible Listed Infrastructure FundNo
March 2022Adam Whiteley & Shaun Casey BNY Mellon Responsible Horizons Strategic Bond FundNo
April 2022Charlie Thomas & Tom FitzgeraldEdentree Green Future FundNo
April 2022Mary McQuillen & Derek Deutsch Legg Mason ClearBridge US Equity Sustainability Leaders FundYes
April 2022 Charles Montanaro & Mark RogersMontanaro Better World Fund Yes
May 2022Alina DonetsLO Funds Natural Capital FundNo
May 2022David Katimbo-MugwanyaEdenTree Global Impact Bond Fund No
June 2022Mike SellAlquity Asia Fund Yes
June 2022Nick Scullion, Mark Brennan & Carly MageeFP Foresight Global Real Infrastructure FundYes
June 2022Maarten Bloemen, Herbert J Arnett Jr, Craig Cameron & Tina Sadler Templeton Global Climate Change Fund No
June 2022Iain Stealey & Andrew HeadleyJP Morgan Global Bond Opportunities Sustainable Fund No
June 2022Sarah Norris, Iain Hewitt, Roseanna Ivory and Sasha Kachanova ASI (Abrdn) Europe ex UK Ethical Fund Yes
July 2022Will ArgentVT Gravis Clean Energy Income FundYes
July 2022Nick Scullion, Mark Brennan and Carly MageeFP Foresight Global Real Infrastructure FundYes
August 2022Jamie Beale, Gareth Jones, Charlotte Fletcher & Alex BakerHome REIT Ltd Yes
September 2022Tim Crockford & Mohsin AhmadRegnan Global Equity Impact Solutions FundYes
September 2022Bertrand Lecourt & Saurabh SharmaRegnan Sustainable Water and Waste FundNo

Mainstream Strategies

DateFund ManagerFund NameIn LWM Portfolios
January 2022Investment TeamHeriot Global FundNo
January 2022Nick ClayTM RWC Global Equity Income FundNo
January 2022Douglas Brodie, Luke Ward & Svetlana VitevaBaillie Gifford Global Discovery FundYes
January 2022Jeffrey AthertonGLG Japan CoreAlpha FundNo
January 2022Jonathan PinesFederated Hemeres Asia ex Japan FundNo
January 2022Linden Thomson & Peter HughesAXA Framlington Biotech FundNo
January 2022Julia Angeles, Marina Record & Rose NguyenBaillie Gifford WW Health Innovation FundYes
January 2022Charles Hamieh & Daniel ChuFTF ClearBridge Global Infrastructure Income FundNo
January 2022Ian Mortimer & Matthew PageGuinness Global Innovators Fund No
January 2022Richard de LisleVT De Lisle America FundNo
January 2022Tom May & Dr Russ Bubley AHFM Defined Returns FundYes
January 2022Ashish SwarupAikya Global Emerging Markets FundNo
February 2022Charlotte MeyrickAviva Investors UK Listed Small and Mid-Cap FundNo
February 2022Mark Slater Slater Income FundNo
February 2022Andrew Jacobson, Donald Elefson & Bradley AmoilsAxiom Concentrated Global Growth FundNo
February 2022Mike Riddell, Joe Pak & Ravin SeeneevassenAllianz Strategic Bond FundNo
February 2022Alessandro Dicorrado & Steve WoolleyNinety-One Global Special Situations FundNo
February 2022 Keith Ashworth-LordCFP SDL UK Buffettology FundNo
February 2022Nick Evans and Ben RogoffPolar Capital Global Technology FundYes
February 2022Shrenick Shah, Josh Berelowitz & Benoit LanctotJPM Global Macro Opportunities FundYes
March 2022David MacNeil & David RidlandVT Castlebay UK Equity Fund Yes
March 2022Stefan Gries & Sam VechtBlackRock Greater Europe Investment TrustNo
March 2022Mark Williams & Carolyn ChanSomerset Asia Income FundNo
March 2022Mike Riddell, Joe Pak & Ravin SeeneevassenAllianz Strategic Bond FundNo
March 2022Mark SlaterSlater Growth FundNo
March 2022Benji Dawes & Jon HudsonPremier Miton UK Growth FundYes
March 2022John Baker, Jonathan Ingram & Blake CrawfordJPMorgan Europe Dynamic Fund No
March 2022Dan HarlowAXA Framlington UK Smaller Companies FundYes
March 2022Dickie HodgesNomura Global Dynamic Bond FundYes
March 2022Daniel Lockyer & Ben ConwayMI Hawksmoor Distribution FundNo
April 2022Zehrid OsmaniMartin Currie Global Portfolio Investment TrustNo
April 2022Chetan Sehgal & Andrew NessTempleton Emerging Markets Investment Trust Yes
April 2022Martin Lau, Winston Ke, & Helen ChanFSSA Greater China Growth Fund No
April 2022 Carlos Moreno & Thomas BrownPremier Miton European Opportunities FundYes
April 2022Andrew ListerAbrdn Listed Private Capital FundNo
April 2022Helge Skibeli & Sam WitherowJPM Global Equity Income Fund No
April 2022Gary Robinson, Tom Slater, Kirsty Gibson & Dave BujnowskiBaillie Gifford American FundNo
April 2022Georges Lequime & Mark SmithTB Amati Strategic Metals FundNo
April 2022Bruno Poulson, Vladmir Demine, Marcus Watson, WIlliam Lock, Nic Sochovsky, Nathan Wong, Alex Gabriele, Richard Perrott, Helena Miles & Fei TengMorgan Stanley Funds (UK) Global Brands FundYes
May 2022Charles Hamieh & Daniel ChuFTF ClearBridge Global Infrastructure FundNo
May 2022Jacob MitchellAntipodes Global Long FundNo
June 2022Stephen Paice, Moritz Sitte, & Chris DaviesBaillie Gifford European Equities FundNo
June 2022Mikhail Zverev, Graeme Bencke & Gareth BladesTB Amati Strategic Innovation FundNo
June 2022Alban Lhonneur, George Gay, Marcus Phayre-Mudge & Jo ElliottTR Property Yes
June 2022Ben Russon, Colin Morton & Mark HallFTF Franklin UK Equity Income Fund No
June 2022Hideo ShiozumiFTF Martin Currie Japan Equity FundYes
June 2022S. Joyce Li, Yu Zhang, Sherwood Zhang & Robert HorrocksMatthews Asia ex Japan Dividend FundYes
June 2022Winnie Chwang & Andrew MattockMatthews China Small Companies FundYes
June 2022Stephen Kelly & David Shaw AXA Framlington American Growth Fund Yes
June 2022Yacov Arnopolin & Pramol Dhawan PIMCO GIS Emerging Markets Opportunities FundNo
June 2022Daniel Ivascyn & Alfred Murata PIMCO GIS Income FundNo
June 2022Georges Lequime & Mark SmithTB Amati Strategic Metals FundNo
June 2022 Abby Glennie & Amanda YeamanAbrdn UK Mid-Cap Equity FundNo
June 2022Alister HibbertBlackRock Unconstrained Equity Fund No
June 2022Andrew ListerAberdeen Standard SICAV 1 – Listed Private Capital FundNo
June 2022Ben Ritchie, Kurt Cruickshank & Roseanna IvoryASI (abrdn) Europe ex UK FundYes
June 2022Tom Slater & Lawrence BurnsScottish Mortgage Yes
July 2022Cormac WeldonArtemis US Smaller Companies FundYes
July 2022Ollie Beckett & Rory StokesJanus Henderson European Smaller Companies FundYes
July 2022Andrew Jackson & Fraser LundieFederated Hermes Unconstrained Credit FundYes
July 2022Nicholas Yeo and Pruksa Iamthongthongabrdn China A Equity FundYes
July 2022Harry Nimmo & Abby Glennieabrdn UK Smaller Companies Growth TrustYes
July 2022Kirsty Desson & Harry Nimmoabrdn Global Smaller Companies FundYes
July 2022Jacob MitchellAntipodes Global Long FundNo
August 2022Fraser Mackersie & Alexander GameUnicorn UK Growth Fund No
August 2022Iain Cunningham & Jimmy ElliotNinety One Global Macro Allocation FundNo
August 2022Jurgen Wurzer & Stefan LowenthalMacquarie Global Real Assets Fund No
August 2022Kristian Heugh, Anil Agarwal & Alastair PangMorgan Stanley Asia Opportunity Fund Yes
August 2022Chris Korpan & Veronika LysogorskayaJP Morgan Natural Respources FundNo
August 2022Douglas Brodie, Luke Ward & Svetlana VitevaBaillie Gifford Global Discovery FundYes
August 2022James de Bunsen & Pete WebsterJanus Henderson Diversified Alternatives FundNo
September 2022Greg SharenowPIMCO GIS Inflation Multi-Asset FundNo

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