Below are notes from meetings with fund managers, or representatives of fund management houses. We are happy to share our notes but these are not a recommendation. Advice should be sought before any investment is made into the fund, and any shares that have been mentioned in the notes. These are purely for information, and will form part of our overall investment process. We may invest in some of the funds we have listed below.

These are notes from meetings in 2023. To view meetings from 2012 – 2022 click here

Responsible Investment Strategies

DateFund MangerFund NameIn LWM Portfolios
January 2023Will ArgentVT Gravis Clean Energy Income FundYes
January 2023Charles Montanaro & Mark RogersMontanaro Better World FundYes
January 2023Colin Dryburgh & Robert Jan van der MarkAEGON Sustainable Diversified Growth FundNo
February 2023Jamie Beale, Gareth Jones, Charlotte Fletcher & Alex BakerHome REITYes
April 2023Iain Buckle & Rory SandilandsAEGON Global Short Dated Climate Transition FundNo
April 2023Craig Bonthron, Neil Goddin, Jonathan Parsons & Ryan SmithArtemis Positive Future FundNo

Mainstream Strategies

DateFund MangerFund NameIn LWM Portfolios
January 2023Iain Stealey, Andrew Headley, Jeff Hutz, Lisa Coleman & Robert Michele JPM Global Bond Opportunities FundNo
January 2023Stephen Snowden & Grace LeArtemis Corporate Bond FundNo
January 2023Lloyd Harris & Simon PriorPremier Miton Strategic Monthly Income FundNo
January 2023Investment TeamHeriot Global FundNo
January 2023Paul Jourdan, Anna Macdonald, Scott McKenzie & David Stevenson Amati UK Smaller Companies FundYes
January 2023Peter Harvey Schroder Strategic Credit FundNo
January 2023Stuart Widdowson & Edward WielechowskiOdyssean Investment Trust PLCNo
January 2023Andrew H O’Brien, Robert S Clark, Christopher Gizzo, Kewjin Yuoh & Steven F RoccoLord Abbett Multi-Sector Income FundNo
January 2023Daniel Ivascyn, Alfred Murata & Joshua AndersonPIMCO GIS Income FundNo
April 2023Kenneth Lowe & Sharat ShroffMatthews Asia ex Japan Total Return FundYes
April 2023Mark Williams & Kumar PanditMI Somerset Emerging Markets Dividend Growth FundNo
April 2023Bradford FrishbergLF Macquarie Global Listed Infrastructure Securities FundNo
April 2023Ayesha Akbar, Chris Forgan & Daniel RyanFidelity Alternative Listed Equity Feed Fund No
April 2023Simon BernardSmithson Investment TrustYes
April 2023Terry SmithFundsmith Equity FundYes
April 2023Colin Reedie & Matthew ReesLGIM Strategic Bond FundNo
April 2023Paul RaynorRLAM Absolute Return Government Bond FundNo
April 2023Mike SellAlquity Indian Subcontinent FundNo
April 2023Sven Borho & Trevor PolischukWorldwide Healthcare Trust No

To view meetings from 2012 – 2022 click here