This is a good day, markets like what they have heard from Europe and the solutions proposed covered all the main bases:

  1. Greek haircut of 50% ( about right)
  2. EFSF at about 1 trillion euros ( about right)
  3. Banks to raise 100 billion of new capital (hope this is about right, no way of knowing)
  4. New rules to prevent this stuff happening again (definitely right but listen for the sounds of squealing National Parliaments being asked to give up sovereignty, it will be noisy)

So there we have it, disaster averted, history made and back to normal, well kinda but not exactly:

  1. Europe has huge and unfunded social commitment, public sector pensions, healthcare and unemployment benefits. These will have to be reduced, so social unhappiness likely
  2. It has an ageing population
  3. It still has a one size fits all currency and interest rate
  4. It is slowing economically with high levels of unemployment in many countries
  5. Italy is too big to fail and hugely indebted
  6. It has a convoluted bureaucratic political system which will make meaningful change tortuous to achieve

That being said:

  1. The banking system of the world was not imperilled by a disorderly sovereign default
  2. The markets saw Europe produce a creditable plan
  3. US and Chinese economic data has been much stronger than was feared by markets
  4. The double dip fears have receded in the US
  5. Markets have posted the best October returns in decades
  6. There is a ton of money on the side-lines waiting to get back into equities and with interest rates at zero it can’t wait forever, confidence will beget rises which will beget confidence which ….etc etc

The outlook for stocks until year end is more likely to be positive than not, it’s a good day!

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