“Want to wow follow dinner party guests, enthral strangers on trains, be the envy of the Golf Club, then read “how to blag” understanding Europe.

“How to blag it” is endorsed by the former CEO of a large UK concern.

“Listen its simple right, sound knowledgeable, honest and confident and people will believe anything you say, it worked for me for 10 years in office and I’m still using it now” – Tony B.

A further endorsement was available from a G ‘w’ B:

“Listen ya’all I can’t tie my own shoe laces and this helped me become President of the ‘friggin’ Country”

But as this individual has absolutely no credibility we decided not to use it.

Quick Euro Facts

Memorize the facts below and drop them artfully into conversation.

Member states 27 (Italy biggest member) 
Motto United in Diversity (Ashley Banjo) 
Anthem Ode to Joy  Best Version by BeakerGerman version Ode de Cologne 
Official languages 23 (Soon only German) 
Population 502.05 million(7% of world’s population) (Berlosconi not counted as reclassified as a dirty old dog, Sarkozy only counted as a half) 
GDP €15.82 Trillion(20% of world GDP) (Greece contribution €8.23 (no noughts) 
Currency (For now)
Member states in Euro 17 (for now)
Printing presses 1 (controlled by Germany)
Best Officials Name President Herman Van Rompey (known to friends as Pompey)

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